5 Best Analog To Digital Audio Converter

January 4, 2020

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Converter or Splitter changes the analog audio RCA stereo audio signal to digital signal.Here we have tried to discuss about five best analog to digital audio converter

The Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) performs the opposite function of ADC. It is an electronic IC which converts audio signal to different form.

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Best Analog To Digital Audio Converter Brands List:

Image Product Rating Check Price

OREI HD Port HDMI Powered Splitter


ViewHD SPDIF Converter Splitter


ViewHD SPDIF  Switcher  With Remote


GANA 1080P Mini  Audio Converter


Portta Audio Converter With Remote


1. OREI HD-102 1×2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3 (Full HD 1080P & 3D Support ):

analog to digital audio converter with OREI HD-102OREI HD HDMI Powered Splitter is a full of HD 1080P & 3D Supported device. If your receiver has three or more HDMI inputs, it will help you to connect them easily. If the TV supports 1080p and the monitor supports only 1024×786 then the output will be in 1024 x 768 on the TV.

You can connect your gaming pc to your projector. Pair of USB over CAT6 adapter and USB hub will helps you to extend your pc two rooms away. This Device Supported LPCM,Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD/Dolby True HD/DTS-HD master audio.

It has heavy-duty cool metal enclosure which protects the insides and keeps the unit cool by aiding in quick heat absorption and dissipation. Video Format is Deep Color 480i/ 576i/ 480p/ 576p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080P/ 1440i/ 1440p, EIDI Duration is 6 seconds.

One HDMI can display on 2 Screens at a time. It will provide you 1 Year Warranty. This lightweight best analog to digital audio converter  is only 28 ounces, allowing you to put it anywhere.


2. Analog to Digital Audio converter With ViewHD SPDIF:

analog to digital audio converter with ViewHD SPDIFViewHD SPDIF Splitter has two inputs coaxial or TOSLINK and two outputs coaxial and TOSLINK. It has one switch for input selection which can work both outputs at the same time.

Its audio frequency is up to 192 KHz which can give outputs 5.1 surround perfectly. It has One year warranty. This device weight is only 0.32 ounces which is the Most Flexible Bi-Directional Coaxial and TOSLINK Converter / Splitter on the market.

Its Includes a DC5V Universal power adapter which amplifier to provide a quality split. You can use this best analog to digital audio converter device to take the optical output from your TV and split it to a sound bar and a stereo receiver for surround sound. If you don’t need surround sound you can use the sound bar.


3. ViewHD SPDIF TOSLINK Analog to Audio Digital audio Switcher  with Remote:

analog to digital audio converter with ViewHD SPDIF TOSLINKViewHD SPDIF TOSLINK analog to digital optical Audio Converter “VHD-TS3X1” fit user to conveniently select any one of the 3 digital optical TOSLINK audio sources. To slink digital optical audio formats capability up to DTS & DD 5.1CH.

There is simply a little toggle switch which performs well and you get good audio quality.It is super easy to use. You can use two different harmony remotes with no issue.

The box is quite small, about 2″x2.The remote makes more sense when the optical switch is used for a TV audio system.Its IR sensor can work perfectly vertically up to 40m way and easily you can use remote.

IR sensor is small and very light weight so you need not to stay where you put it. It also Include 6.6ft USB Cable and 240V Power Adapter.


4. RCA to HDMI, GANA 1080P Mini Best Audio Converter Adapter

analog to digital audio converter with GANA 1080P MiniGANA 1080P Mini RCA comes with a black box. It has different connectors and switches on both sides. One side has three RCA inputs for video-audio and other side includes HDMI input option. It has also mini 5v USB connection cable and power adapter input option.

This adapter converter also includes a switch which designed with 720p and 1080p up scaling. This mini RCA adapter works well on all modern HDTV. It supports all standard TV format input like PAL, NTSC 3.58, 4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, and PAL/N. This adapter extends the image to fit the screen that means it has1920x1080@60Hz High bandwidth widescreen display capability.

NOTE: Please connect your power cable to make this video conversion work perfectly (yellow: video, white: left audio, and red: right audio). Package content: 1xAV to HDMI Converter 1xUSB Cable 1xUser Manual.

Specifications: 1. Input ports: 1xRCA (Yellow, White, Red), USB power 2. Output ports: 1xHDMI(standard) 3. NTSC/PAL compatible 4. Composite input: PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N 5. HDMI output: 1080p/60Hz, 720p/60Hz 6. Dimensions (mm): 66(D)x55(W)x20(H) 7. Weight (g): 40g 8. Power: USB Port.


5. Portta Toslink 3×1 Analog to Digital Audio Converter with IR Remote Control

analog to digital audio converter with Portta ToslinkThis best analog to digital audio converter can connect three digital optical Toslink at a time only one connectivity. lpcm2.0/dts/dolby-ac3 use USB cable loss less the 0.2db/m, its performance distance is up to 40m. Over-0 to 40℃ voltage protection can prevent the.

This device includes usb power cable, manual remote control and IR extender receiver. It’s every port convert from optical-to-rca is easily and clearly marked with deeply white lettering on black back ground so you can easily install it.

If you wanted to connect speaker with your TV, you can directly connected via a SPDIF cable and also use sources of device as like (apple tv, xbox one w/ pass through cable, and a set top box) connected to the TV via HDMI and set the audio mode in the TV menu to “raw”.



Now is the time to decide which the Best Analog To Digital Audio Converter is perfect for you in your best budget. We think our top rated 5 Analog To Digital Audio Converter list will help you to make the right decision to buy your best choice. For more information and update the price, please go to the below product table and click checkout the price.

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