Best ATV Tire Chains For Ice Fishing

March 29, 2023

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If you’re planning an ice fishing trip, you need to be sure that your ATV is equipped with the right tires to navigate through snow and ice safely. ATV tire chains are an excellent addition to your ATV’s tires, as they can provide the necessary traction to keep you moving forward on slippery terrain. In this article, we will explore some of the best ATV tire chains available for ice fishing and provide tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect tire chains for your needs. With the right tire chains, you can enjoy your ice fishing trip without worrying about getting stuck in the snow or losing traction on the ice.

1Security Chain Company 1064355 ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain, ... Top Pick


ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain

2Kolpin 50-0020 9 Best Quality


Kolpin 50-0020 9″ V-Bar Chain

CHECK THE PRICE ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner, priced per pair. Recommended


ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner

4The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link TIRE Chains 24x13x12 26x10x12 ...

Link TIRE Chains for ATV Tire

5Quality Chain 5.5mm Link V-Bar ATV UTV Snow Traction Tire ...

Quality Chain 5.5mm Link V-Bar ATV UTV Snow Traction Tire


Some Best ATV Tire Chains For Ice Fishing

Top Pick

Security Chain Company 1064355 ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain, ...

1. ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain

  • Brand: Security Chain
  • Manufacturer: SCC
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.7 Inches Width: 7.2 Inches Length: 7.6 Inches

This Security Chain Company 1064355 ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their vehicle’s grip on snowy and icy terrain. This chain is designed to provide superior traction and control in difficult weather conditions, making it perfect for off-roading during the winter months. Its strong steel construction ensures durability while its adjustable tension makes installation quick and easy. The unique V-Bar design also helps ensure optimal performance when you need it most. With this tire traction chain, you can be sure that your ATV will have maximum grip no matter how slippery the surface may be!


  • 1.Provides superior traction and grip on icy, snowy or muddy surfaces.
  • 2.Easy to install with no need for special tools or machines.
  • 3.Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in tough conditions.
  • 4.Designed specifically for ATVs, UTVs and other off-road vehicles in mind to ensure maximum safety when driving on slippery surfaces.
  • 5.Lightweight design allows for easy storage and transportability when not in use

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the Security Chain Company 1064355 ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain for my ATV, and I am extremely pleased with it. The chain was easy to install, and it provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice. It is well made with high quality materials that will last a long time. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for an effective way to keep your vehicle safe in slippery conditions.


Best Quality

Kolpin 50-0020 9

2. Kolpin 50-0020 9 inch V-Bar Chain

  • Brand: Kolpin
  • Manufacturer: Cycle Country
  • Color: SILVER
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.4 Inches Width: 5.9 Inches Length: 13.3 Inches Weight: 14.6 Pounds `

The Kolpin 50-0020 9″ V-Bar Chain in Plastic Case is an ideal tool to help keep your ATV or UTV secure. It features a durable plastic case with a weatherproof lid and high-quality V-bar chain for added strength and stability when securing cargo. The 9” length provides ample reach for multiple applications, while the included mounting hardware ensures quick installation without any hassle. This product offers optimal security and convenience, making it perfect for any off road enthusiast!


  • Easy to transport and store: The Kolpin 50-0020 9″ V-Bar Chain in Plastic Case is lightweight and comes with a convenient plastic carrying case, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.
  • Durable design: Constructed from heavy duty steel, the chain is designed for long lasting performance and strength.
  • Versatile use: This chain can be used in a variety of ways such as securing ATVs or other off-road vehicles, anchoring boats or trailers, locking up outdoor equipment, etc., providing a great way to secure items that may need extra protection outdoors.
  • Multi-purpose usage: The included snap hooks make it easy to attach the chains securely around objects like UTVs or all terrain vehicles (ATVs). It can also be used for anchoring livestock gates or securing cargo during transport.
  • Safe & secure: With its sturdy construction and strong materials, this product ensures that your items are safe and secure at all times while being stored outside or on the move

Our Recommendations

This product is amazing! I recently needed to transport a chainsaw, and this Kolpin 50-0020 9″ V-Bar Chain in Plastic Case was perfect for the job. It’s durable and well made, with plenty of space for the chain to fit. The plastic case is also great because it keeps everything neat and secure while traveling or storing away. Highly recommend this product – great value for money!


Recommended ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner, priced per pair.

3. ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner

  • Brand:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Dimensions: Height: 0.25 Inches Width: 6.0 Inches Length: 8.0 Inches’s ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioners are the perfect solution for keeping your tires secure and in place! These tensioners are made of premium materials that provide top-notch durability and strength to ensure a reliable fitment on all types of terrain. Plus, they’re priced per pair so you can get two at an unbeatable price! They’ll make sure your tires stay firmly in place while giving you peace of mind as you traverse any type of terrain. Get yours today and enjoy worry-free rides!


  • Prevents tire slippage: The ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner ensures that a vehicle’s tires remain securely attached to the wheel, preventing dangerous tire slippage or wobbling.
  • Improves traction and handling: By keeping tires in place, the ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner improves overall traction and handling of a vehicle on different terrains.
  • Easy installation: The product is easy to install with simple tools and can be used for any type of vehicle without any modification required.
  • Price efficiency: Priced per pair, TireChain’s tensioners are an affordable solution for improving safety while driving off-road vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs.
  • 5 Enhances safety: With increased stability when driving on uneven surfaces, the ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner helps ensure drivers stay safe during their journey by reducing potential risks caused by unstable wheels or slipping tires

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the ATV UTV Spring Tightener Tensioner, priced per pair and couldn’t be happier with my purchase! They work exactly as promised and were easy to install. I’m super impressed with how well they grip onto the tire chain in order to keep it tight and secure while driving through snow or icy conditions. Not only are these tensioners reliable but they’re also extremely reasonably priced for a quality product like this one! Highly recommend!


The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link TIRE Chains 24x13x12 26x10x12 ...

4. Link TIRE Chains for ATV Tire

  • Brand: The ROP Shop
  • Dimensions: Weight: 23.0 Pounds `

The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link TIRE Chains are a must-have for anyone who needs to be prepared and snow-ready. These sturdy tire chains provide incredible grip on slippery roads, making them ideal for wintery weather conditions. The durable construction ensures that your chains will last and perform through even the toughest of winters. Easy installation makes these tire chains quick to put on and off, allowing you to get back on the road quickly when facing adverse weather conditions. With their affordable price tag, these tire chains offer great value for money!


  • Durable construction: The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link TIRE Chains are constructed with strong and durable materials that provide long-lasting protection against wear and tear, ensuring a lifetime of reliable use.
  • Easy installation: The chains can be easily installed in minutes without any tools or special equipment required, allowing for quick tire changes when needed.
  • Improved traction: The chains provide improved traction on icy roads or other slippery surfaces, helping to reduce the chances of an accident due to poor road conditions.
  • Cost effective: The pair of tire chains offers cost-effective protection compared to other types of tire treads or snow tires, making it an economical choice for those who want to save money while still protecting their vehicle from dangerous road conditions.
  • 5 . Versatile fit: The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link Tire Chains come in two different sizes (24x13x12 & 26x10x12) so they can fit most standard tires as well as some larger ones, offering versatile protection regardless of your vehicle’s size and type.

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased a pair of The ROP Shop Tire Chains and I am very pleased with the quality and performance. They fit my tires perfectly and were easy to install. I’ve used them on several trips now in various conditions, from icy roads to hilly terrain – they have kept me safe and provided excellent grip. Highly recommend!


Quality Chain 5.5mm Link V-Bar ATV UTV Snow Traction Tire ...

5. Quality Chain 5.5mm Link V-Bar ATV UTV Snow Traction Tire

  • Brand: Quality Chain
  • Manufacturer: Quality Chain

The Quality Chain 5.5mm Link V-Bar ATV UTV Snow Traction Tire is an essential tool for getting around in wintry conditions. Its heavy duty steel links provide a secure grip on icy terrain, while its unique V-bar design ensures maximum traction and stability even in the toughest of climates. With its easy installation process, this tire will quickly become your go-to choice for reliable winter performance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re well prepared to tackle any snow adventure with confidence!


  • Enhanced traction in snow and ice due to the V-Bar link design, reducing the risk of slipping or sliding.
  • Durable 5.5mm chain construction made from high quality materials for long lasting performance in all weather conditions.
  • Easy installation with mounting hardware included for a quick setup process.
  • Low maintenance required as the chain is designed to resist corrosion and wear over time with regular use on ATV/UTVs tires .
  • Multi-purpose use that can be applied for other vehicles such as trucks, cars and SUVs when extra grip is needed during winter months or off roading adventures..

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the Quality Chain 5.5mm Link V-Bar ATV UTV Snow Traction Tire, and I am extremely happy with my choice! The tire has great gripping power that allows me to drive safely on any terrain, even in heavy snowfall. It also looks very stylish, which is an added bonus. Highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a reliable and safe winter tire!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are tire chains effective on ice?

Tire chains can be effective on icy roads, depending on the severity of the ice. If there is a thin layer of ice covering the road surface, tire chains are able to provide extra traction and grip for your vehicle to prevent slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. On thicker layers of ice, however, tire chains may not be as effective since they do not always make contact with the entire driving surface.

Additionally, in areas where snow accumulates quickly or temperatures dip below freezing frequently during winter months, it is important to use other forms of traction such as specialized tires or studded tires to ensure maximum effectiveness when traveling over icy roads.

Do tire chains help on ATV?

Yes, tire chains can help on an ATV. Tire chains provide increased traction in slippery and icy conditions, which is especially beneficial for off-road riders who may encounter these types of conditions during their ride. Chains are designed to fit around the circumference of the wheel and sit between the treads of your tires to increase grip when needed.

It’s important to note that tire chains should only be used when necessary and removed afterwards as they can cause damage to your ATV if left on for extended periods of time. Additionally, it’s best to consult with a professional or manufacturer before using them as different models may have specific safety precautions or requirements that need to be considered prior use.

Do ATV tire chains help in deep snow?

Yes, ATV tire chains can help in deep snow. They provide extra traction and grip, which helps the vehicle to stay afloat and move through deeper snow more easily. Tire chains are especially helpful when you are driving in powdery or wet snow conditions, as they reduce wheel spin-out and give your ATV better control on slippery surfaces.

Furthermore, tire chains allow for a smoother ride since they create less vibration than other types of tires due to their increased surface area that spreads out over the ground more evenly. While not essential for every off-roading situation, installing tire chains is an excellent way to increase safety and performance while riding your ATV in deep snow.

What is the best ATV ice fishing setup?

The best ATV ice fishing setup will depend on the type of fish you intend to catch, as well as the size of your vehicle and budget. For smaller vehicles such as an ATV or UTV, a small yet capable setup like the Eskimo FatFish 6120i Ice Shelter is ideal for two anglers. This shelter features insulated fabric that keeps heat inside while blocking drafts from cold winter winds.

To stay mobile on the frozen lake, you’ll also need quality ice augers like StrikeMaster Lazer Mag Power Auger which can cut through thick layers of ice with ease. Finally, a selection of high-quality tackle and lures complete this wintertime package – stock up on jigs and live bait to make sure you’re ready for any species that may be lurking below!

Buying Tips for ATV tire chains for ice fishing

If you’re planning an ice fishing trip, you need to be prepared for any conditions that you may encounter. Having the right ATV tire chains can make all the difference when it comes to navigating through snow and ice. Here are some important factors to consider when buying the best ATV tire chains for ice fishing:

  1. Size: Before purchasing tire chains, you must make sure that they are the right size for your ATV’s tires. Check your ATV owner’s manual or tire size for the correct measurements.
  2. Material: Look for chains made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials, such as hardened steel or manganese alloy, which can withstand the harsh conditions of ice fishing.
  3. Traction: Traction is key when driving on snow and ice. Look for tire chains with deep and aggressive treads that can grip the terrain effectively and provide the necessary traction to keep you moving forward.
  4. Compatibility: Ensure that the tire chains you choose are compatible with your specific ATV model and tire type.
  5. Easy to Install: Choose tire chains that are easy to install and remove, especially if you plan to use them frequently. Look for chains that come with quick-release mechanisms or easy-to-follow instructions.
  6. Price: Consider your budget when selecting tire chains. Prices can vary widely based on materials, quality, and brand, so choose the best option within your budget.

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